Minubia Cloud

a Cloud based system that allows companies with workforce on the move to increase efficiency by having real time information anytime and everywhere

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a sales tool for the modern sales representative that increases sales speed through real time order processing

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a user friendly workflow management tool that allows companies with mobile workforce to keep track of progress in real time through the internet

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Get on the Cloud

Cloud computing lowers operation overhead and increases efficiency

Unlock your hidden potential

Simple tools that unlock your hidden potential

Monthly license fee

No big initial investments needed

Real time statistics

Stay up to date with real time statistics


Engage with your colleagues

Never miss an important moment

ERP Integration

Integrate with your current ERP system

Discover the new way of working.

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Our solutions

User friendly

We do our best to improve the quality of our apps and make them more user friendly and intuitive

Automatic updates

All apps are updated frequently with no extra costs

Pay as you go

Our pricing model is based on a monthly fee pay as you go principle. You pay as much as you need, nothing more.

New apps coming

We continue expanding our portfolio

ERP Integration

Connect your ERP system to the Minubia Cloud ERP and start interchanging data

Native apps

We use the best techniques to guarantee top quality

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