Minubia Cloud

The Minubia Cloud is the central brain of all Minubia solutions. It is a Cloud Based Database that contains all Enterprise data such as Customers, Products, Tasks, GPS tracking, Orders, Messaging and Employee information. The main goal of the Minubia Cloud is to centrally manage enterprise information, receive real-time input from users and distribute the right information to the right users.


The power of Cloud

Always available

Divi will change the way you build websites forever. The advanced page builder makes it possible to build truly dynamic pages without learning code.

Central management

Manage all your mobile data from one central point.


Interface Minubia Cloud ERP with your ERP system to benefit from real time data interchange.

Real time

All data is processed real time. Stay up-t0-date at all time.

User friendly interface

The Minubia Cloud ERP has a user friendly interface that makes it easy and enjoyable to use.

Integrated GPS

The Minubia Cloud ERP comes with integrated GPS features to visualize your work processes and impeove control

Reporting & Integration

The Minubia Cloud ERP also provides managers with up to date management information to better follow and steer business processes. The Minubia Cloud ERP can be integrated with other information and financial systems to further streamline the business processes and to increase efficiency.

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