The MiFlow app is a user friendly workflow management tool that allows companies with mobile workforce to keep track of progress in real time through the internet. It can be both used for workflow management as well as project management app. Employees receive a list of tasks to be completed, after which the employee can perform these tasks and afterwards mark them as completed. MiFlow also registers the amount of time spent on performing the task and notifies the management.


Workflow management made easy

Roster & Planning

Plan tasks ahead of time, make them recur and keep track of performance over time.

Time management

Just check-in and check-out and MiFlow does the rest for you.

Integrated GPS

Keep track of locations visited, optimalize routes or  just for audit & control purposes



Export hour  and location logs. Ideal for billing purposes

Integrated GPS

The GPS feature make it an ideal solution for the management of field work. Not only the time is registred but also the location where the work was performed. All information is stored real time in the Minubia Cloud. All this information can then be used for performance management, budgeting and other workflow and project management purposes.

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